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La Reine's creations are designed to compliment the designs, colours and trends of the International Fashion Houses while maintaining the Arab Women's identity and conservativeness.
La Reine's Abaya Collection & Shailas collections are specifically designed to suit a variety of occasions and cultures. An extravagant line for weddings and parties, a casual yet elite line for evening walks in the mall, and a line for the trend-setters who like to show their individuality.
Abaya is a culture for Islamic women and adopted in all over the world by Muslim girls. But now a days Hijab and abaya is becoming a fashion for non Muslim also. Even Michal Jackson “A pop Singer” also wore this abaya. Here we are going to share you some latest abaya collection of Lareine Brand. Lets have a look.

This Abaya is in loose casual style having close neck pattern with baggy style sleeves. The entire format looks so beautiful and perfect. This is a two piece package; Abaya with scarf, and therefore best for this winter season.

This Abaya and scarf is in purely old Arabic format; a loose and free style pattern is being used to stitch this Abaya for 2011-2012. Bell bottom full sleeves are looking gorgeous and the strip work at the edges of Abaya sleeves and on the scarf gives a fancy look. It can be wear in parties as well.

This normal loose Abaya style of 2011-2012 should be very popular because it has perfect outfit for all continents. This Abaya and scarf set have some beautiful stone work which gives this a fancy look. Casually stitched full sleeves have stones at the edges and the scarf also has same sort of stones which gaze so pretty.

This slim fit casual Abaya looks so beautiful and attractive. Little embroidery work and buttons at the bust makes this fancier; this should very popular in South Asia. Close round shape neck with full sleeves looks mind blowing and wonderful.

Lareine design some beautiful Abaya’s for her Abaya Collection of 2011-2012 and use some multicolor scheme. She uses different color fabric to stitch the Abaya at under arms, at cuffs and at the edges of scarf which looks amazing. She used lots of color to give variety in her La Reine Abaya Collection of 2011-2012. All the colors looking sweet, you can select according to your color choice. All the Abaya’s in Lareine Abaya Collection of 2011-2012 are in different famous and in fashion styles. 

Following Abaya styles have unique style; Lareine use thin strip at all over the borders of Abaya which looks so pretty. All the designs and patterns look so beautiful with this modification.

This is a modern style of Abaya and can be used officially in office and university. Professional women mostly like such styles. Overcoat type Abaya gives the same look but stitched with the base. Strip work at scarf and at cuffs along with neck style looks so perfect and gives same unique look to this Abaya style.

The term jilbāb or jilbaab (Arabic جلباب) is the plural of the word jilaabah which refers to any long and loose-fit coat or garment worn by some Muslim women. They believe that this definition of jilbab fulfills the Quranic demand for a Hijab. Jilbab or Jilaabah is also known as Jubbah or Manteau (which is the French word for coat or mantle). The modern jilbāb covers the entire body, except for hands, face, and head. (Wikipedia)
Jilbab are basically the replacement or you can say ally dress of Abaya and jilbab dress rapidly increases its market and fame. Today she9 team once again presents you some beautiful and unique styles of the unique Islamic dress (The Jilbab). All the Jilbabs designs are superb and designers also give this dress a little modern touch and make considerable changes in the pattern as well.

In these Latest Jilbab Designs Black crepe silk jilbab has been embroidered from neckline and front with some colorful and shiny strip stuff along with silky and shiny thread. Tidily stitched pleats at front give ultimate stylish look to this jilbab. Full sleeve pattern has same style of embroidery in a same fashion which gives uniqueness in style to this gorgeous Jilbab.

Light yellow like creamy crepe silk jilbab this is. Jilbab is being stitched elegantly and has beautiful and intensive work of thread embroidery all over the dress. Jilbab embroidery design is superb and has Asian style. Full sleeves pattern has loose baggy style with loose and baggy style bottom, you can say this is the original stylish look of the dress-the Jilbab.

Bell bottom sleeve style in Jilbab is very common and most of the girls like this style. This Jilbab also has bell bottom baggy style sleeve pattern and has thin colorful embroidery style which gives powerful look to the Jilbab. Curvy overlapped bottom of Jilbab gives wavy look to the Jilbab.
The following New Jilbab dress is basically has pure Asian dress influence like Frock. The wavy style at bottom is very much common in Asian dresses and the designer merge it to the Jilbab pattern and produce such a splendid Jilbab style.

Another Black stylish Jilbab is front of you. The pattern of this latest Jilbab dress influenced by the traditional queen dresses. Extra loose pattern of sleeves and the dress looks beautiful, the design and the printed style on the silk has multi-color fantastic style. 

Bell bottom sleeve pattern of this jilbab has beautiful and colorful embroidery on cuffs and the rest of the Jilbab also has same sort of style and embroidery. Long open kurti type style has line strip that split the design in two sides. Black silk has stylish and colorful cultural embroidery and design which gives amazing look.

Another black silk jilbab designs has beautiful silver color motifs and fabric embroidery with diamantes and sequins looks fabulous. Baggy style silver color cuffs looks pretty and the belt style pattern of the jilbab give a beautiful and modern look in the Jilbab trend.

Another black silk jilbab having intensive and rich use of motifs and thread embroidery work has open coat pattern. The colorful theme along with beautiful design and pattern looks so beautiful. Arabic would use this in bridal parties and will look gorgeous with bridal hijabs.

This light blue color silk jilbab has tight fit pattern which is out of routine. This gives beautiful look and modern touch. Jilbab has round shape neck style nourished with embroidery work. 

Sharp color combination always gives beautiful look and this gorgeous Jilbab has different type of pattern has strong look. Color type neck style has red strip band which shines superbly. Over coat style has one side simple and the other side has beautiful embroidered style and design. Tight fit pattern has loose sleeves which also has same sort of designing and embroidery.

Giving a cultural touch to anything always present strong emotional satisfaction. This Jilbab also has cultural look within its style and pattern. At first look the dress gives armed forces dress look. This Jilbab has heavy embroidery and motif work at bottom, shoulder and at sleeves.

Abayas is a Muslim culture for Muslim girls and a common wear upper dress in all Muslim countries like Iran, Iraq, India, Pakistan, Arab, Egypt, Turkey, Sudan etc but this culture is becoming a fashion or trend that mostly western countries also preferring these Abaya and Jilbab dresses as upper wear. Abayas and Jilbabs are always incomplete with out scarf and Hijab. Here we are going to share best abaya designs of M&A brand which are showing in a fashion show which may be held by Crystal Lized. In this crystal lized fashion show models are showing latest designs of Arabic Abaya 2010 2011.

This Abaya fashion show starts a new trend instead of traditional abaya culture. In this Arabia Abaya style the abaya designer introduced a built-in (pre-designed) trouser with this abaya, mean this abaya dress have a complete set contains Trouser, Upper wear like open shit (or long coat) and hijab. The stylish abaya have silver embroidery work on its border, sleeves and hijab. 

It's a embroidered abaya in open shirt designs. This embroidered Arabic abaya have motif and zari work. These types of bridal abaya looks gorgeous with scarf instead of hijab. 

Latest design of bridal abaya 2010 in net (transparent) cloth. This abaya have red lace border which is giving a stunning impression. 

Long  Abaya in contrast button style. Abaya In lining style are most preferred by Iranin and Arab Girls specially teen age girls. The Abaya has black scarf.

Colorful Threats of casual baggy abaya is giving a modish look. Abaya have vee Neckline and scarf is also decorated with contrast design. These types of abayas may liked by Egyptian and Iraqi Girls. Mostly Arabic Girls preferred these types of abaya for party wear.

It’s a trendy abaya looking modish with stylish pocket style. This abaya have beautiful contrast hijab. These types of Hijabs and abayas are mostly wear in parties and young girls preferred these styles which follows the current fashion.

It’s an Arabic Baggy abaya which have silver belly belt giving a stylish look. This abaya also giving a Jal-pari (fish style) abaya look because of it’s a transparent sleeves and side area.  Model  on Crystal Lized Arabian Creation Award fashion runway is looking pretty with trouser pant, stylish abaya and gorgeous hijab.

Iranian traditional style of abaya for winter season has beautiful neck line. This abaya have beautiful hijab.  These types of abaya can wear as casual, formal and party wear.

These three abayas have baggy sleeves with fancy style. All of these have cultural look like 2nd style following the Saudi Arab abaya texture.  
Abaya is the Islamic fashion for Muslim Girls by following the Islamic cultureTraditional of abayat are in black color and mostly are in large square of cloth which is draped from the shoulders or head or a long caftan. The abaya covers the whole body except the face, feet, and hands. It can be worn with the niqāb, a face veil covering all but the eyes. Some women choose to wear long black gloves, so their hands are covered as well.
Islam requires women to cover in public. In Iran the cover is often referred to as a chador. In South Asia, it is known as a burqa. 
Here I am going to share some latest trend of abaya with modern style. As Abayas and Hijabs are now wearing as compulsory dress for out side visit. Even Some European girls feel proud to wear it and mostly young girls wear it as college wear.

Like Western-style fashion, Abayas are for different times of the day and occasions. Abayas for normal daytime wear are usually plain or have simple designs. Abayas for evening wear are more elaborate, with different cuts and intricate designs. Abayas for special occasions such as weddings and Eid are so exquisite that they almost look like black gowns. Diamante, Swarovski crystals, leather, lace, denim and fur-abayas are laden with everything imaginable. You can even get sporty abayas. As compare to Jilbabs now Abayas have it's own values.
This Abaya dress as a upper wear are in Saudi Arabia Abaya style with beautiful drapes have round neck and covering ankles. This black Abaya have baggy style. These types of abaya are also wearing in India, Pakistan and bangladesh as Islamic Traditional dress.

This Abaya in black color have cyan border on arms looking stylish with gorgeous hijab and leggy. This abaya is short to knees and have baggy style.

This abaya in long shirt have yellow ribbon like a belt and have yellow lace border. This long-sleeve jilbab have short round neck and looking gorgeous with bridal hijab. These types of Fancy Abaya designs are wearing in western countries as a Islamic cultural dress.

This Abaya style is like Irani Abaya style with have beautiful floral ribbon belt and have beautiful red lace border. This abaya have baggy sleeves and like a kaftan.

Beautiful western style of abaya have blue belt style and looking gorgeous with contrast lace border. The abaya has magnificent embroidery sleeves.

The Abaya style may following the Iraq Culture, like way of wearing and abaya style is like Iraqi tradition. This abaya have red scarves for hand and have matching (Contrast) border. The hijab is in casual style.
Beautiful Arabic Abaya Style mostly Abaya are in Black color, some Abaya are in hand Work motif and Zari design and mostle Abaya are in colorful designs and some of Abaya are in Jilbab Style


  1. Thanks For Sharing Arabian dress.... The Arabian Abaya is a collection of beautiful dresses trending in ... These creations are a must-have for the Arabian woman