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The dress is very important part of human life. To judge a person, people always consider dress worn by that person. The woman is always in search for the tips for choosing right outfit, fashion tips and beauty tips so that she can look beautiful on all occasions. Although western outfits have become more popular in India, still Indian outfits have not lost their importance. The salwar kameez comes in many different styles. Other traditional Indian outfits such as ghagra cholis and lehnga cholis are quite popular and they are worn with short blouses. They are also incomplete without the dupatta. When we think of conventional clothes, we also cannot forget about attractive Aari, Kutch, and Zardosi embroidery as well as mirror work.
She9 team always provides valuable information to our valuable visitors. Today we will provide some more valuable information about Indian Cultural Shalwar Kameez designs and outfits according to the Indian fashion and trend.

Following formal casual Indian Punjabi shalwar kameez has simple neck style in V shape. Slight curve looks very beautiful. The mirror work along with thread embroidery added some more beauty to the dress. The floral design is contrasted with Lace work at lower border. Dopatta and Shalwar has design consists of spot theme.

The following dress has thread and mirror work at lower border. The design is awesome and the color combination is also so good. Half sleeve casual outfit has round shape neck style which has a little tiny cut at the center and this gives extra look to the dress. The shalwar is in chooridar outfit and looks beautiful with this kameez pattern.

The following Indian Shalwar Kameezz has little ethnic Anarkali touch. Half sleeve semi frock type kameez has round shape neck style and looks amazing. The ideal outfit for summer season it is.

Sky blue color always attracts others. Light colors mostly being used for clothing in India. The following Indian Shalwar Kameez has round neck style kameez in sleeve less pattern. Casual shalwar having floral printed design looks awesome with light blue kameez. Simple floral printed design of kameez is looking awesome.

Casual cultural Indian shalwar Kameez with beautiful thread embroidery has worth to be a perfect Indian Cultural dress. The design of embroidery also reflects cultural work and social norms. Both the sides of kameez have perfect design that increases the beauty of dress. Same technique has been used at shalwar and lat ower border of the kameez and thread work is being fetched to strengthen the beauty of the dress. V shape neck style gives the room to embroidery design to situate its remarkable sight.

The following half sleeve kameez is also being developed on the same technique that last Indian Shalwar Kemeez has. Just the outfit of shalwar is changed and the rest of dress has same outfit and embroidery technique as above.

Silk shalwar kameez are also popular in all over the India, and girls like to wear such dresses. This Indian Shalwar Kameez has cultural traditional embroidery work on bust and at lower border is designed according to the Indian Fashion 2010 and 2011. Rest of the dress is in casual and regular outfit. The shalwar is in Chooridar pattern and looks beautiful in combination of semi frock type kameez.

Chooridar shalwars are very common now days and girls use them with different outfits of kameez and kurtis. The following casual Indian Kurti has simple lace strip use at borders of kameez and sleeves. The half sleeve pattern is looking fabulous. The built-in fabric design is awesome and enhances the beauty of the dress.

White silver thread work on white fabric is giving awesome look. The following Indian Cultural Shalwar kameez has little latest touch and designer balanced both the design and outfit in a very beautiful way. The outfit is just amazing, have full sleeve and V shape neck style. The ideal design is being fetched for the dress and the embroidery is also being done in very sharp way. Chooridar Shalwar also has design and looks beautiful.

The last two Indian cultural shalwar kameez has some cultural and traditional touch within them. Both the Indian Shalwar kemeez dresses have Rajhastani built-in design which looks amazing. The work is being done in a very fine way. First kameez has short but full sleeve pattern along with curvy round shape neck style, while other has half sleeve outfit with leaf style neck pattern. Both dresses has Indian cultural chooridar shalwar pattern.

The best traditional dresses of India and Pakistan are Salwar Kameez and Saree. As a dress, saree has an everlasting application. It suits all occasions and has a universal exposure. Currently you have a large variety of Saree dress and you don’t need bound to wear old fashion and traditional saree. With the advancement in textile sector and fashion world, designers invent many types of sarees. With innovation in saree blouse styles, one can now try out different ways to drape a saree. Innovation and creativity has mingled together to bring freshness in saree trends as well as the saree fabric. The artistic sarees of Delhi designs have multiple style blends like casual styles, fusion blends and so on.

The latest accessories give the outfit a better and sophisticated look. In fact, sarees comes in different styles including modern styles of sarees, embellished, zari work, sequined, painted, beaded and with embroidery. You can also get an extinctive range of designer artistic sarees in the form of traditional looks like Banarsi, Zari and Silk sarees. 
Another reason for the popularity of artistic sarees is the presence of artistic work along the edges or in the entire body of the saree. Among the ethnic garment designs, artistic sarees can be found with complicated resham, golden prints and sequin work patterns.

Today we will present some attractive and dazzling stuff and designs of artistic sarees to our valued visitors.
This is a simple saree dress with shoulder less blouse having beautiful artistic work on it. Fabric of this saree is a blend of silk and cotton and designer works on it in different techniques, use fabric embroidery and silk strip as a border strip. Beautiful flowers are being enriched on saree pallu.

Beautiful artistic saree for brides it is. Nice thread work with fabolos artistic design is being done and the theme is more suitable for bridal wear. Thick strip of silk increases the beauty of this artistic saree. The blouse style is latest and modern. Loose small sleeves with large V shape neck style build a beautiful combination. Use of motif and zaree to build flowers and design on it enhances the wealth of this artistic saree.

The simple artistic work printed saree for casual use. The designers not only develop saree designs and styles for traditions and parties but also for casual wear. The design consists of different shapes which looks beautiful. The blouse style is also casual.

Beautiful and amazing artistic work using motif and zaree accessories it is. Blouse style is simple but attractive. Half sleeves with tight pattern looks fantastic in simple single color fabric. On saree pallu the stunning work is being done, the style and the design that has been enriched by the designer is superb and good looking. This saree can be used as a bridal dress. Beautiful combination of accessory with different color silk strips is fabulous.

This artistic saree dress is artistic in its style and pattern. Emerging blend of new fashion in old traditional style is being used to develop this artistic saree. Fish tail saree pattern looking fabulous with modern blouse style. Shoulder less blouse have single strip to hold the blouse at bust, rounding from the neck. The same artistic work is being used at blouse strip as on saree pallu.

Beautiful artistic silk saree. This artistic saree is simple, but the artistic stuff in it is the embroidery that has been done on it. The simple casual but attractive artistic saree it is.

Fish tail pattern is being used mostly by the designers now days. Splendid work of thread with beautiful theme of floral design is being done to develop this artistic saree dress. Modern style of blouse is just fabulous and suits to this type of fabric. 

Simple and traditional pattern of saree it is with the blend of designer’s techniques and the use of traditional accessories. Silk strips have been used with beautiful built-in design. Metal thread embroidery increases the wealth of this artistic saree, and this could be a artistic bridal saree.

The same design and technique of this artistic saree as above explained. The same pattern of this artistic saree has as above saree, with the slight change in blouse style. Blouse of this artistic saree is shoulder less, but the outfit is different.

This is a simple bridal saree with little work of silver metal thread on it. Fish tail pattern is being used widely and suits all types of fabric and body outfit.

Amazing artistic work with the use of silky fabric on thin silk saree fabric is being done to develop this artistic saree. Blouse style also modern in its nature and the theme of design is old with the use of new and trendy style. Motif and thread embroidery enhances the beauty of this artistic saree design.
Punjabi Cultural Salwaar Kameez is consequently famous due to reliability and the most of the designers work on such designs and patterns because it has plenty of room and margin to design, modify and to feed it with thread embroidery etc. Punjab is the biggest land area of Pakistan and India that shares same cultural and carnival values. ALLAH gifted all the four seasons to Punjab and in every season salwaar kameez always be a preferred clothing of both women and men.

Basant, Bahar (spring), these are the names of spring season and the people of Punjab celebrate this season with lots of festivals like Basant etc. Clothing trends also being changed during spring and girls like colorful dresses. This wave of change in clothing will prolong to the end of summer season. Today we will have a gossips about typical Punjabi Salwaar Kameez and I will presents you some beautiful Punjabi salwaar kameez dresses.
This beautiful multicolor salwaar kameez has enormous work of Punjabi cultural stuff, have a look and this would seems you like a garden full with beautiful and colorful flowers. It’s amazing Punjabi cultural salwaar kameez dress. Beautiful long U shaped neck style nurtured with motif and gota pati. The kameez is in sleeveless pattern and short in length according to the cultural needs of this Punjabi cultural salwar kameez dress.
Multicolor design is simply awesome and the border of kameez shines with beautiful and heavy work of motif. Salwaar is in red color and is in loose style. The doppata also have a great work of cultural design and unique way of Punjabi styles.
Three piece salwaar kameez having simple and slim pattern with multicolor fabric. The dress is so beautiful and beautifully designed by the designers while keeping the things in mind that they are going to design special Punjabi Cultural Salwaar Kameez and they really got success and designs simply a great Punjabi Cultural Salwaar Kameez for cool and hot spring and summer season. This is a real gift to Punjabi girls of this 2010 summer season. The Round neck style has (Paan Pata) pattern and the border is fed with silver motifs and right below the neck designer fed a beautiful imaginary sun splitting waves all around and use a big motif in the center. The Doppatta and the border of Kameez also embroidered with contrasted fabric.
Red and green color combination feels cool and fantastic. The multicolor doppatta has cultural pattern of design and printed accordingly.

Pnjabi Cultural Chooridar Pajama with short and slim kameez also the part of Punjabi cultural clothing. Multicolor V shape neck with sleeveless kameez with green chooridar pajama looks amazing, and designer gives to it little modern touch and use different fabric for neck archetype.

Punjabi cultural salwaar kameez with fancy and modern touch is front of you. Fancy coat collar with U shaped neck style equipped with motif and designer fed this area with beautiful thread work. Motif and Zari work also being done at front of kameez and also on the border. Sleeveless pattern is so famous and being used on this too.
Loose salwaar like patyala salwaar also is the part of Punjabi culture. Loose salwaar in diognal lining style looking gorgeous with short kurti. Kameez is fed with motif and thread work and the floral design looking amazing. Sleeveless kurti with V shaped over-locked neck style is just amazing. Zig zag wave is moving on the surface of kameez.

She9 ladies fashion blog is continuously providing you the valuable information about cultural and trendy women clothing. Today I will present some cultural Indian stuff hope you will like all these. Ghagra Choli is a traditional dress worn by girls of North India specially Rajasthani women which also covers India and Pakistani Sindh and Punjab. It is a two piece clothing comprising a Choli and a Lahenga (Ghaghra). (Wikipedia)
Gharara is also called Sharara are simple long skirts worn with a blouse. The significant difference between Lehnga Choli and Gharara Choli is the skirt length. Gharara Choli’s skirt has more length like short Kurti. The Gharara’s are stitched like Lehenga but tied up from thighs.

This is simple type of Sharara. It is light weight and can be worn as party wear. V shape neck style of Choli (The Skirt) has beautiful motif work. Upfront of Gharara along with cuffs of Choli also has same pattern motif work.


The Rajhastani Ghaghra is also famous in India. This dress keeps traditional work and history in it. In this snap model wear yellow cultural Rajhastani gharara. The kurti is more short than previous one while Ghaghra is in simple traditional style.


This bridal ghagra choli is most famous and Indian girls are crazy about this. For Bridal wear this dress especially nourished with Motif and Zari work to make it better suitable as a Bridal Dress. The yellow and light blue contrast of Ghaghra Choli looks amazing. Since it is a cultural dress so it is necessary for designers to keep its cultural old look.


Designer Ghaghra Choli’s are becoming popular now days. Loose Ghaghra with Loose Choli (the skirt) and Loose Ghaghra with tight choli are in the market. This loose ghaghra designed according to the Punjabi culture. In Punjab girls mostly wear loose Ghaghra with Loose Choli. The dress is nourished with thread work on the background and on the edges designer did Zari work.


The loose Gharara with tight full sleeve Choli also is in fashion. It is influenced by Indian Punjabi culture. The sharp edges neck style has a great impression. All the edges of Choli (The skirt) fed with Gota Patti and tinted with shine. Red and sky blue blend of colors looks stunning.


Long and loose ghaghra in red color with navy blue baggy style full sleeve Choli is front of you. This type of Ghaghra Choli is worn by Bridals of rural areas. The dress is highly influence with cultural style and karhai floral work.


Ghaghra Choli is a traditional and cultural dress but in this modern world designer try to promote this dress with modern touch and works a lot on it. This is modern style Indian Cultural Ghghra Choli. The Choli (The Skirt) is n open style kurti with long V shape neck style. The contrasted dupatta looks beautiful with green gharara and yellow Choli.


Beautiful half white baggy choli in full sleeve which is decorated with red gota patti and embroidered Sharara is looking fantastic in bridal red color.
These are all new and latest Indian lehnga choli design collections for parties and casual wear also. The most of the designs contain sharp and dark colors contrast with heavy motif, zari and sparking material designs. Most of the villager Girls used these cultural lehenga designs like Pavada which is also called half saree style. In this style Indian rural woman used dupatta instead of saree pallu, you ever seen in Indian bollywood films like Madhuri Dixit wear pavada in Koyla Film. These dresses are also following these trends. Let see more....

It's a gorgeous and beautiful Indian lehenga choli style in dark maroon color with lien style. This dress has half sleeve style lehnga blouse with stylish Lehnga Designs. The Cultural lehnga has nice style of dupatta in black color net style with gota patti.

Beautiful cultural lehnga and blouse style for parties wear and wedding wear. This Traditional lehnga choli has beautiful sharp colors. The blue lehnga blouse has beautiful motif designs on its neck and bust of blouse. This blouse is sleeveless. The Lehenga of the cultural dress has colorful liens style and this dress is specially designs for villager parties wear and cultural parties wear. The Dupatta of the lehenga is also in lining style.

A beautiful glamour style of lehenga chooli is looking beautiful with black dupatta. This dress has also dark colors with sparking gota patti. This dress is also designed for outdoor parties and villager wedding parties.

Elegant style of Indian Lehnega Choli with sparking and dark colors. This dress is decorated with sparking motif and mirrors. These types of lehenga are used in evening parties, Mehndi parties & Diwali parties also in Indian villages.

This traditional style of lehenga has modern style of lehnga blouse with heavy sparking motif work on it in Glamour style. The Lehenga choli of the dress has beautiful drape style. The christian Girls can wear this dress for this Christmas ceremony.

Latest and beautiful Indian cultural lehenga style with beautiful cyan color combination. The Lehenga blouse has beautiful style of neck and have stylish style of lehenga. Most of the Indian Brides use this dress as Bridal Lehnga.

This cultural lehnga dress is specially designed for parties in parties in school and college functions because most of the girls preferred these types of dress in villages for college parties. This dress has beautiful fitting and have stylish style of lehenga drapes.

Beautiful Indian cultural style of lehnga choli in blue and cyan color contrast. This trendy lehenga and trendy lehenga blouse has beautiful and heavy work of sparking motif and mirrors. This dress can also use as formal wear in villages.

Pakistan Does Milan Cultural Fashion held in Europe with the help of Maheen Khan, Rizwan Beyg and Deepak Perwani.
Swati embroidery and Chitrali Hats were the most distinct emblems for inspiration. Some of these designs include Dhoti Salwars and Smart Trousers (Ladies Short Trouser) .
Some of the designs are color fun by Deepak perwani. He used Traditional handicrafts to come up with jackets and bodices and color gave it vivacity. (Instep Mag)
This Fashion Show represent the latest (upcoming) culture of Pakistan dresses.....

This dresses gives a cultural look with Dhoti Shalwar. Ladies Dhoti is old fashion- trend was used in rural area in this show the designer show that if this culture recycle then how will it looks. The Head Scarves fashion is now endorsing not only Islamic countries but also all over the world. This dress has sleeveless bodices. The Draper Dhoti is looking gorgeous in this dress.

This Dress style is taken from Punjabi cultural dress with Ladies Turbans-Ladies Pagri style hat. The Paggri is the most important thing in Punjabi cultural. This model also use Long sherwani or Long jacket or coat with this dress and wear a Short trouser.

This dress focus on Sindhi cultural dress which shows the original colors. This colorful wasket- Jacket is decorated with sharp colorful floral threads and mirror designs with hand work, As it's a cultural dress for western fashion show that's why as per western latest trend instead of salwar this smart trouser is used where as in all over the Pakistan (Sindh, Baluchistan, Punjab, NWFP and AZK) This smart trouser isn't used.

Latest Colorful dress. These colors represent the cultural color of the country. The Ladies Frock is in white color with beautiful collar bane style, the neck and bane of the neck is decorated with colorful threads, motif and mirror hand work designs. Same neck design is also decorated at the drapes of the frocks. The frock has beautiful gota Patti at its borders. This Frock is sleeveless but has beautiful churidar arms of the frock. These churidar arms are 1st time introduce by the designer which are separate with the frock.

Modern style of lehnga design on the runway of European Fashion show. The Lehenga is in white color and fully decorated with motifs and have stylish drapes. The blouse of the lehnga is back less and has gorgeous Patti style. The blouse is looking beautiful with traditional style of Churies. Stunning dupatta style and fabric of the dupatta is fully net transparent style. This depatta is decorated with white floral and motif styles. This Culture is taken from Indians but now and then in Pakistan mostly Brides used Lehenga choli as bridal wear.

In this dress Swati Embroidery used like Wasket- Jacket of Swat, Necklace and ladies swati hat Show the Swat culture. This Ladies Jacket is looking dazzling with this dress.

This Dress on this fashion show shows the culture of Chitral. This Chitrali ladies Hat looking nice with this Rosy-Brown dress. This dress is sleeveless and have a baggy style but the dupatta is in net transparent style. This Chitral cultural dress represent its culture with the Chitrali Hat.

Fahad Hussayn has introduced limited collections about bridal wears, its Jewelry, Make up and styles also in Nur-Bai collection. These designs are cultural and looking so beautiful for brides. It's Bindiya, Necklace, wedding ring and dress also. Let see some designs........

The bride has Beautiful Salwar kameez, The Dupatta has beautiful floral designs with nice lance border. Kameez is in half sleeve style.

In this dress the bride has patiala salwar with beautiful kameez style. The patiala salwar is looking gorgeous for brides.

Indian Traditional wedding party wear saree with heavy motif and zari work, This saree is in Dark yellow and brown color. As This saree has Yellow color so will have good impression in Mehndi Party. This saree has a beautiful belt of chain.


Beautiful Traditional dark green saree in silk for day parties wear. this saree has simple designs of motif and have a nice golden gota style.

This saree has a beautiful round neck blouse in sleeveless style with colorful saree pallu. This saree has also beautiful draper style lehnga.

Nice dark cyan color saree as Traditional cultural style with a beautiful silver gota style. The saree pallu has nice motif floral and leaf style.

Its a bridal parties wear saree in cultural traditional style with heavy motif and zari work on saree pallu. The saree pallu has also beautiful wide gota style as border.

Nice Indian bridal wedding wear saree in cultural traditional collection. the saree blouse is in sleeveless style with heavy motif and mirror work. Saree pallu is in sparking golden style and saree lehnga is in dark green style.

Nice traditional party wear saree in sparking orange color with sparking gota liens border style.

Indian Cultural Saree with beautiful "W" style Lines in white color. The Saree Pallu is decorated with beautiful Silver Gotta in floral style. The Saree blouse has a gorgeous neck style in straight style and half sleeve style. Saree Lehnga is in beautiful draper touch. This Saree design is taken from Indian Cultural Mahrani saree style.

Very Costly Saree for Indian Mahrani Girls with beautiful color and Shawal style Pallu. The Pallu of the Cultural Saree is extra wide and decorated with beautiful and zari and Motif designs.

Fantastic combination of black and sparking golden colors in cultural Saree for parties wear. The saree Blouse is in black color, Simple and half sleeve style. But the Saree Pallu is decorated with beautiful black Vector floral style. The Saree Drape is in beautiful and tall draper style. The saree will be a fantastic party wear Saree in traditional style.

Mughal style Saree in Resham with colorful textures and Floral Vectors. The saree Blouse is decorated with beautiful zari and motif style but the Saree Pallu is in Maroon color with colorful Vectors. The Draper Saree has a beautiful border with motif work. This Cultural Mughal Saree is designed for High Society Party wears.

Ivory color Saree in Silk with beautiful small black dots and Vector floral style border in Dark Maroon and black color.

Dark Green Saree with Dark maroon border. The Saree is decorated with zari and motif work. That Indian Traditional style saree is designed for Mehndi parties, Shaadi, wedding Parties, Diwali parties or walima parties or such different parties.

Beautiful colorful saree with color mixing. The saree Blouse is in simple round style in half sleeve style and saree pallu has a beautiful Gotta border.

Very Costly but deserve. This saree Pallu has beautiful Vector floral design with light yellow background but the border is in Dark Slate Gray color with gorgeous designs the pallu has also beautiful gotta, mirror, zari and Motif work on pallu as Square style design. The saree Blouse is in round but little baggy and half sleeve style.

These are all Indopak (Indian and Pakistani) Mughal Cultural Salwar kameez. these kameez is design with Costly Material like Motif and Zari designs and designed like a Ladies Kurti Style. The Mostly Mughal ladies used Churidar pajama. This churidar pajama is Old Fashion but yet so Famous Style.

Beautiful Indian Cultural Salwar kameez with beautiful floral style kameez and beautiful churidar pajama style salwar. and dupatta is in Net floral style. This Salwar kameez style was mostly used by Mughal Family (Old IndoPak Royal Family).

Nice Indian Cultural Salwar kameez in beautiful Neck design and non sleeve kameez style is looking beautiful in Churidar pajama.

Indian Old Cultural Salwar kameez with Gorgeous and beautiful large Motif and zari Neck design and looking more beautiful in Churidar pajama style Salwar

Indian Old Cultural Salwar kameez, the Kameez is in Green color with beautiful neck design in Collar bane style, the Kameez is Decorated with Golden Floral Dots with Green Background and nice churidar pajama.

Nice Sober Indian Cultural Salwar kameez with beautiful neck design in Collar bane style and kameez is in colorful floral background.

Nice Indian Mughal style Salwar kameez with nice neck design and Tareez style kameez looking more beautiful in Churidar pajama.

Mughal style kameez in Golden background and Black floral designs with beautiful black churidar pajama.

Nice Pakistani Cultural Salwar kameez like Pakistani Heer style salwar kameez because of of its beautiful neck design and nice kameez style.

Indian Mughal style salwar kameez with Coat Kurti Style kameez in nice printed work on Kameez in net arm design and beautiful churidar pajama.

Indian Cultural Salwar kameez with net arm style and beautiful neck design and net dupatta style.

Cultural Salwar kameez with beautiful colorful neck design like a Sindhi Cultural Neck design is looking beautiful in cream color background and Maroon Churidar pajama.

Mughal Cultural Salwar kameez with nice and beautiful neck design and beautiful black Churidar pajama style salwar.

Latest Mughal Cultural Salwar kameez in Cyan Color with beautiful V style neck design with Liens border and Nice Dupatta style with churidar pajama.

Chinyere start to Start to Work on Mughal and Cultural Style fashion dress with costly work on Kameez and dupatta like motif and zari floral and different new designs let see...

Its a Beautiful and costly Mughal Style Salwar kameez with beautiful Mughal style designs on borders and neck with Beautiful Motif and Zari work in this salwar kameez, Salwar designs is Churidar Pajama Salwar style. and kameez is in Full sleeve style designs.

Beautiful Indian Mughal Style Dress like Anarkali Gown Style Kameez in colorful designs with Motif designs and Salwar is very widely like Lehnga designs.

Mughal Style Salwar kameez with beautiful Motif Neck design and kameez is looking more beautiful with Churidar Salwar designs. its a Mughal cultural style salwar kameez.

Beautiful Anarkali Gown style kameez with beautiful blouse style neck design in beautiful motif style neck and looking Gorgeous with Churidar Pajama. Mostly Anarkali Suit or Mughal design is looks beautiful with Churidar Pajama Salwar designs.

Beautiful Mughal Style kameez in Motif and Zari Design on Kameez one is Being focus that this kameez is design has Collar Bane which looks more beautiful and instead of Salwar here Lehnga is used as a Salwar designs.

Cultural Salwar kameez with V style neck design and full sleeve kameez design kameez is decorated with beautiful Motif and Zari work and Salwar is in Fitted style like a Trouser style.

Its a Cultural Kameez style mostly in Punjab Villager (you ever seen in Heer Ranjha Film). In Punjabi Cultural Yet this design is Used like in Parties, Mehndi or Wedding Functions. Here kameez is Decorated with Motif floral Design and instead of Salwar Lehnga style (Dhoti) is used.

Its a Indian Cultural Lehnga style with beautiful motif and Liens border with Beautiful Dupatta style Here blouse is also decorated with Floral Motif and Zari Designs.


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